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We had police/fireman mxer, and off road racer, Ryan Chapin put in some hot laps on our test bike at Glen Helen Raceway. “ I have a 2012 Honda CRF450R and this model is a substantial improvement, “ Ryan Chapin, who is an EMT, raced the Policeman/Fireman Olympics in 2011 and came away with a second in the Open Class and third in the Senior Four-Stroke. Ryan feels the 2013 Honda is so good that he is selling his 2012, and ordering the new one to race in the future. Look out fellow firemen, EMTs and police officers. DIRT ILLustrated \\\\\\ Vol. 1 + Issue 4 + Page 46 easily dialable suspension sys‑ tem on the new CRF450R. It gets the weight lower and more forward, making the ma‑ chines overall handling much nimbler. More control via its well thought out mass central‑ ization. It is agile, and quick turning, but smooth and very responsive. It stays on the ground, hooks up quicker, and is more flickable in the air. The front end feels lighter, and there is more grip with the new air front suspension. It tracks well, and when you want it to, it whips sideways better than ever. It fits the new “Scrub” riding style extremely well, and by staying lower and closer to the ground you will be able to cut faster laps. Power is also better than last years model, the biggest differ‑ ence being more grunt and bot‑ tom end. It has a good hit, right off the bottom, a solid mid- range, and revs out on top. We think it looks good sitting still, especially with the new plas‑ tic and graphics, and moving around on it is easier than ever. The whole package is well thought out. It is a “Fun-to- ride” fully race capable ma‑ chine, that is one of the most responsive Honda production