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A Seminal Event... Racing with ...... Rahier! By Warrren Reid I picked up the phone and heard, “Hello, Warren? This is Dave Holeman. I got your number from Mike Bell. I am managing BMW’s 1985 Baja 1000 effort and am inquiring if you might be interested in join‑ ing our team?” Not to be cliché, but that short introduction and question proved to be a very important event in my life. I said I was interested and Dave went on to review, ex‑ plain and detail the event, ex‑ pectations and contract. As part of that discussion, Dave said that there would be two factory BMW teams. One team would consist of Gaston Rahier of Belgium and Eddy Hau of Germany. The other team would have me teaming with a top desert and Baja racer named Tom Kelly. We agreed to meet up soon with everyone involved and tie up loose ends. DIRT ILLustrated \\\\\\ Vol. 1 + Issue 4 + Page 50