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in the US. If you have a bad accident, your best chance of survival is to get back to the USA, FAST. Horror stories... Tom and I became good friends as he told horror sto‑ ries of actual people and events that supported these asser‑ tions. I knew some of them. Tom gave me the most impor‑ tant advice to prevent death. If a collision is eminent, let it be the bike, not you. In other words, if a car or cow is in your path unexpect‑ Not many people know how talented a comic Warren Reid is. Witty, and with an abil- ity to tell a funny, entertaining story, or do a spot on impersonation, you can see some of Warren’s hidden talent in this video tribute impersonation he does of his friend Gaston Rahier. Enjoy. We certainly did. edly, jump over them and let the bike hit them. If you stop suddenly, you break bones and organs and bleed. If you fly over them and roll to a stop, you have a much better chance of survival. Of course I went straight to my pregnant wife, and two small sons, and told them... Daddy’s going to Baja to race, and he’s going to fly over cars, instead of hit them, to prevent his death…NOT! Pre-Run Fun... Think about that last para‑ graph. It scares the crap out of me right now to write about it. And then of course my first trip to Baja to pre-run was an adventure. As much desert rid‑ ing as I’d done, I hadn’t been to Baja before. Dave Holeman, Tom, myself and Kem Parks (who would go on to win his age class at the Mammoth Ka‑ mikaze Bicycle Downhill) and I