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the bunk house? We are BMV (Euro’s call it “V” not “W”) and we are more prestigious than Honda, and certainly more than Husky. I thought the bunk house was OK until now. I am going to talk to Beinhauer (The BMW race manager) about this.” The Euro awareness of torcycle, you can’t call yourself a man. I’m a man and I’ve got the soiled underwear to prove it. Eddy and Gaston showed us how to ride these things and live to tell. When we got to ride the actual race bikes, it was an incredible experience. It was top dogs, as far as speed went, but Husky was at a financial support disadvantage to the Honda Team, who’d been going down to Baja for years. Chuck Miller & Bruce Ogil‑ vie, Derrick Paiement & Randy Morales were the Honda go fast guys. Honda Supported Jim Until you’ve done a steering stop to steering stop swap at 70+ mph on a 350 lb. motorcycle, you can’t call yourself a man. class and position were quite apparent and not part of our So Cal boy upbringing and atti‑ tudes, but he did have a point. How to ride a Beemer Riding with Gaston and Eddy was good for all of us. We were now all riding stock BMW R80 GS’s, their version of a Dual Sport bike. It was not a dirt bike. It was a really heavy street bike with a slow revving motor, a drive shaft that caused the rear end to lift under accel‑ eration and long travel suspen‑ sion, not up to the task. Until you’ve done a steer‑ ing stop to steering stop swap at 70+ mph on a 350 lb. mo‑ the best bike I’ve ever ridden, for what it was meant to do, go fast over desert terrain. Bet‑ ter than any works Honda, Ya‑ maha, Kawasaki or Suzuki I’ve ridden. Gaston and Eddy got us dialed on the race bike too. We had a concern about the lighting system they utilized. It proved a valid concern. Meeting the Others We all got to know each other real well, over the next two weeks. We got to meet the other top team riders. The Hon‑ da and Husky teams were the dominators. Husky’s Dan & Dan (Smith & Ashcraft) and Larry Roessler & Kurt Pfeifer were the Fishback & Factory MX me‑ chanic, Chris Haines too. And then here was this world fa‑ mous Paris to Dakar rally win‑ ning BMW rider, Gaston Rahier. If you throw Tom and I along with our reputations into the mix on the other BMW, which made this event a lot different than other pre-race gatherings I have attended. There were 7 teams with an honest chance of winning. They were all really curious about us, as was I about them. Tom and Kem knew them, and their proclivities and strong points. Gamesmanship was rampant, and of course, Tom and I talked about how fast the