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one of the leading race perfor‑ mance companies in the moto world. This month, Mitch lets us enter the high pressure, factory backed racing machine that he an endurance race and the first yellow flag was out. Af‑ ter about 55 minutes or an hour into the race, I came in, hopped out and immedi‑ ately went to the rental car, “Man, you gotta let me onto that plane!” and his co-workers were able to transform Pro Circuit Racing into. Mitch delves into some of the behind the scenes racer personalities that were involved in the sport during its early years, and their contribution to its success. Mitch also tells us how they helped make Pro Cir‑ cuit what it is today, one of the biggest players in the rugged, take-no-prisoner world of pro‑ fessional motocross. Here are Mitch’s insights and stories. DI: What was your finest moment? Mitch: I’ve been very fortu‑ nate. We’ve saved one of the bikes from every year that we’ve had a team. You could look at every bike and think, okay, man, that year… wow! With the first Kawi that won for us, I was in Ohio, racing cars. I was in a race and I had to get out. It was changed out of my driver’s suit, put clothes on. I got a rental car with hand controls, drove to the airport. I just had a gear bag, and I rolled to the gate just, as they were shutting the door. DI: What did you say that kept them from taking off? Mitch: “Man, you gotta let me onto that plane!” I was go‑ ing to Las Vegas for the last round. Phil Lawrence won, Gaddis needed to be third or so. They opened the door to the plane, and let me in and I got to my seat.... I made it! I was so sweaty, but I thought, dude, I made it, I’m gonna make it to the race! “ “I got to the airport, took a taxi, got over to Sam Boyd stadium,with my gear bag on my lap. But the race was over. I’ll never forget, the DIRT ILLustrated \\\\\\ Vol. 1 + Issue 4 + Page 74 first person I saw was Tommy Clowers, and I asked, “Hey, who won?” and he told me, and I asked how Gaddis did? He told me he was third. That was it.We had won our first championship with Kawasaki! It was amazing. “ “I turned the corner, there was our Kawasaki truck. Sha‑ ron Richards had decorated it and everybody was having a blast there already. I showed up and they were all pumped. It was the first time Kawi had won a 125 title in awhile, so Team Green was really pumped. That was a really cool night, for all of us.” DI: How about some other events that stood out? Mitch: “The Carmichael era, we had won some Supercross titles, but we had never won a National title. Ricky got us that. He rode for us and he is an amazing guy. There are too many stories, too many things that he did, that were pretty cool. But he won his first title and won it early, I think it was at Washougal. We had a pretty big party that night. You can go around the whole room (referring to his shop headquarters in