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quite a while already and I had seen how Factory Honda did it. How Yamaha, Suzu‑ ki, Kawi and all these other companies ran their pro‑ grams. But then my vision of it became even more differ‑ ent after I went and started racing cars. When I raced cars, a friend of mine, Lance Stewart, drove for Mazda. I was really stoked at how ev‑ drag racing does it, but if you don’t go to these other type of events and look at it from a different perspective, you might not ever know.” DI: So what did you do? Mitch: I told our guys that we should try that in motocross, we should try to clean it up a bit. So we talked about it, and Jim Hale from AXO, who and we were gonna build a crew shirt and we were gonna paint the vans, make an awning, do all that stuff. I thought it would be cool. DI: What was the reaction at the races? Mitch: Everybody was blown away at the first race at Or‑ lando. We showed up with blue and white Hondas, the “It’s more money for the four-stroke that’s for sure. The two-stroke is cheaper to operate, cheaper to modify to a higher level.” erything matched. The car was just these colors, the crews shirts matched the car, the awning was done so it matched the truck, even the driver’s suit matched up. I thought, man, that’s pro‑ fessional. It’s really not that big a secret, NASCAR does it, was a big partner at that time for us in the clothing market, and a visionary at seeing that, said “I like your idea”. He had Kenny Stafford do some drawings and some layouts, we had some Peak riding gear and our helmets DIRT ILLustrated \\\\\\ Vol. 1 + Issue 4 + Page 78 riding gear was all the same, matching, it turned out re‑ ally good. It was something I’d wanted to do, like the car guys. I thought it was a way cleaner look than all this crap all over, everybody looking different, like, are you re‑ ally on the same team? I was