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the win by making a better bike. And no matter what I did, we couldn’t do it. I told this to big James (James Stewarts dad) much later, of course, “Man I did everything I could to beat you guys!” success. Bones is a guy who has a great wealth of expe‑ rience, because he’s been around now for 20 years doing just suspension. He doesn’t do motors. I do the motors, he does the suspen‑ one in 2004, and we needed to get up to speed in about four or five months. And hon‑ estly, that’s really impossible. If you went to a two-stroke and if you wanted to be as good as I was with two- “He hasn’t ridden outdoors in three or four years, he goes out there and it looks like he’s on rails.” Mitch laughed. “But we just couldn’t beat him.” James was just that much better. He could ride a bike that was 37 horsepower, and if we got 40 HP, that should mean we should win! It just never worked out that way. You still gotta have the best talent. Then, because this is motocross, you have to have really good suspen‑ sion. So all the components are really important. That makes a guy like Jim “Bones” Bacon so important to our sion. He gets it. He can see, he can watch, he under‑ stands, and that’s a big thing. DI: What were some of the other major changes at Pro Circuit? Mitch: The transition to four- stroke engines were a very massive change for us. We didn’t focus on four-strokes early on, I didn’t care about them, they were lawnmow‑ ers, (Mitch smiles). They were trail bikes. I couldn’t care less. Then all of a sud‑ den Kawi was gonna have DIRT ILLustrated \\\\\\ Vol. 1 + Issue 4 + Page 80 strokes, and you only had five months to do it, I knew that would be impossible. You could put the best engi‑ neer in Japan that had never worked on a two-stroke and throw him in there and I’d wipe that guy up. But I didn’t want to have to go through that learning how to make four strokes fast. We looked around. When I raced cars, the guy who helped design my hand control system is a guy named Drino Miller. He used to work at Porsche.