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That’s where he learned this Porsche system, he drew me a schematic, and I used it. He went to work at Toyota Racing, where he was in charge of TRD for awhile. So I called him about this ‘Four- stroke Movement’. He came down and there was Jimmy Perry, Dave Chase and my‑ self in the room. We went upstairs and we laid out a Yamaha four-stroke and a Honda four-stroke and I had Drino come down and I asked him, “What’s the deal with him, “Hey Drino, would you consider working for us? Part time, full time, whatever you want. Teach us four-strokes. I want to learn how to build and develop and R&D a four- stroke and keep it running. I want to learn it right, the very first time and I don’t want a long process. And I want to teach and implement a sys‑ tem in our shop to make four- strokes faster. I want to learn the right way to do it, before any of our guys develop any bad habits.” He said, “Yeah, DI: What do you prefer working on? Mitch: I think they’re both okay now. I didn’t enjoy the four-stroke in the begin‑ ning though because to me it’s L-E-T-H-A-R-G-I-C-A- L-L-Y S-L-O-W to develop (laughs). You can work on the pipe in house, you can work on the head, you can grind the head, put seats in it, play with some different head stuff, we can do that in house. If you want to design “We’ve had to race against him and he’s pissed me off a couple of times so bad. In my opinion he cheap-shots guys... these things? What do you think? What about this, what about that?” We had a list of questions. He was really cool. Drino is older and he has a wealth of experience. So he left and I thought about what he was doing and later asked we could do something like that.” So we did just that and he is pivotal in our success in the evolution of our four- stroke racing program. He brought a lot of experience to the table for us, really fast. or develop a piston though, it’s gotta be outsourced to a piston manufacturer. If you want to do a cam, un‑ less you have a million-dollar cam grinder, you gotta send that out. You have to develop