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that didn’t happen. For a va‑ riety of reasons, and we are here and this is the direction that we will be going for the foreseeable future, I feel. DI: What advice would you give to someone wanting to be a Pro Circuit rider? Mitch: You’ve got to be good, you have to make sure that you’re efficient in a lot of areas, obviously these days, you’ve got to be a good starter, you have to be cre‑ ative and make sure you can throw down some good lap times, speed is speed, so you have to be fast, you have to be in really good shape, you have to be de‑ cent at public relations, you need to be able to give feed‑ back. It really has changed a lot in that aspect, sponsor‑ ship has changed in the last 20 years. I don’t see that many really dumb guys mak‑ ing it because it does take some effort and you gotta be Lots of stories with all the bikes on display at Mitchs Pro Circuit shop in So Cal. This Hodaka SuperRat was an early favorite of Mitch back when he first started out racing… switched on in a few of those key pieces to make it. DI: How about some quick short viewpoints on rid- ers, Villopoto, for in- stance. Mitch: Villopoto, awesome, scrappy little guy. He came to us when he was really young. He matured and was unbe‑ lievable outdoors right off the bat. He was good at Super‑ cross but he didn’t have as much experience because as amateurs they ride all out‑ doors. He got a little bit of experience and he’s obviously now killer at Supercross. He has all the titles to prove it.