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DI: Dungey? Mitch: Dungey is a good kid. I haven’t got anything bad to say about Ryan Dungey. He’s got a lot of the qualities we talked about. Ryan is a good starter, he can ride good laps, he is usually within the same speed range of the top level guys, he’s either right there on pace with the fast‑ est guy or within a second. rider for sure in Supercross. He can lay down a lap. He hasn’t ridden outdoors in three or four years, he goes out there and it looks like he’s on rails. I think you have to respect him, I know he’s been through a lot in the last couple of years. If they have it, they usually don’t lose it. I think he’ll be right there, he’s gonna win races indoors and a little bit, I think he’s grow‑ ing up and taking it a little more seriously. In the last year he dropped a bunch of weight, he’s trying to get in better shape, he’s good at Supercross and he’s a little bit of a head guy, like if he believes and it’s a good day, he can run with anyone. But if it’s not, he might have a bad day. But he’s a good guy. “Stewart on any given day is probably the fastest rider for sure in Supercross. He can lay down a lap.” I think that’s a great thing. He’s good at Supercross, he’s good at outdoors, he’s fit, and so far for his career, he’s had a knack for not getting hurt, which is a really, really good thing. DI: James Stewart? Mitch: Stewart on any given day is probably the fastest outdoors. He’s a cool kid. I think he’s a good guy. DI: Davy Milsaps? Mitch: Davy has had a little bit of a scattered or tattered ca‑ reer. We helped him on mini bikes. He’s a very talented kid. Through the ages of 16 to 19, a little loose, maybe, being a kid. He has changed, DIRT ILLustrated \\\\\\ Vol. 1 + Issue 4 + Page 84 DI: Tomac? Mitch: Tomac is a prodigy of his dad. John is a world class mountain bike guy and so he has been successful in a sport. He has trained re‑ ally hard, and knows how to train really hard, I don’t think anybody didn’t expect his son to be good. Even when they’re amateurs it’s so hard