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to say how far good is, and Eli went at it at his first Na‑ tional and he won. So all of a sudden expectations were DI: Justin Barcia? Mitch: Crazy (laughs). He is really good at Supercross. ented kid. Some people say he’s the next Hannah, he’s outspoken and crazy. That’s cool but I think, and this is “He complained to the AMA and all that, and I laughed about it. ” really high. And then he goes to the next race in Texas and he melts himself. He was done almost the whole year, he wasn’t really that good. Last year he struggled out‑ doors, but even this year in Supercross Eli came into the series a lot stronger, fitter. Maybe in just another year, he’ll be a little more mature as a kid. And then outdoors he’s the same, he’s fit, a little bit more mature than where he was last year. Eli’s going to be around the sport for a long time. He’s a good kid, we’re gonna need those kids in the near future to fill our tank back up for our sport. We’ve had to race against him and he’s pissed me off a couple of times so bad. In my opinion he cheap-shots guys, like he goes up from behind usually, and then cuts the whole corner off and tries to take your front end out. And it’s not just with my guys; I’ve seen him do it to a lot of people. I think it was I want to say it was Canada last year, somebody did it to him during practice and he didn’t like it. He complained to the AMA and all that, and I laughed about it. (you can literally hear the smile in Mitch’s voice), because he’s done it to everybody. But I do not deny that he’s a tal‑ my opinion, I don’t want my guys to ride like that. I don’t want them to do that, I don’t want to be that way, I don’t want a team rider to do all the cheesy crappy stuff. I think, especially when we’re in the Lites class, we’re sup‑ posed to help the guys, not be the bad guys. If that’s the case then they’re gonna have fifteen years to be a jerk if they want to, but we don’t need to have them enter the class starting out as a jerk. It’s like a college team, you’re supposed to try to raise them right, send them off, and then, stand back and watch where they go. But he’s still gonna be