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good, he’s good outdoors, he’s good indoors, he’s in good shape, and once again, he’s got a lot of fans. Some of the stuff he does, I don’t like, but still, I don’t have a beef with him. He’ll be around for a long time. DI: How about, for a change of pace, KTM’s Ken Roczen? Mitch: I like Roczen. I like his style, I like what he’s about. He’s young, I like the fact that he’s from Europe. And people here tend to overlook that. I’ve had some really good, talented European kids, ride for me, from Mickael Pichon, Christophe (Pourcel), and other kids. Take Tyla (Rattray) right now, you want to hear a story, you should talk to Tyla’s parents and find out about how they left South Africa and moved to Europe and traveled around and then moved to the United States. You have a different per‑ spective of guys like Chad DI: Speaking of Chad Reed, what do you have to say about Chad? Mitch: Chad is…Chad is Chad. Chad’s a funny bird. I used to help him when he raced in Australia. Then he went to Europe, and then he came over here and rode for the Yamaha team. We’d talk and keep it cordial. I never re‑ ally had a beef with him at all. But I would see things in his career sometimes and “I like Roczen. I like his style, I like what he’s about. I like that he’s from Europe. ” that he’s won a world cham‑ pionship. Their eyes are a little bit bigger when they have to live in Europe, travel to different countries, and see what they see, they’re not quite as sheltered as they would be here in the states. It’s a big thing for a Europe‑ an kid to come over here and race in the US. Sometimes Reed, who at the age of 18, leaves Australia for Europe, and then comes over here. He spoke the language, but some of them don’t, it’s a big step and they leave behind all their friends, it’s harder than most people give them credit for. I think that’s pretty gnarly. Roczen’s gonna be successful. DIRT ILLustrated \\\\\\ Vol. 1 + Issue 4 + Page 86 thought, ‘What are you do‑ ing?’ He would melt down about the team and say, (gruff voice) ‘Those guys are idiots!’ Certain things he’d do. But (smiling) I think it’s comical now because if you get to know him, he’s a su‑ per cool dude. He gets it. He