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knows what he’s doing. And sometimes he gets pissed. But I’ll tell you, the guy is smart. He’s smarter than what most people want to give him credit for. He’s opin‑ ionated. He’s really, really a good test rider. He knows what HE wants on his bike. If you can give it to him, then he’s gonna be good. He’s super sensitive about the stuff that he wants on his bike, and how you do it. He’ll tell you, “Yeah that is bad or that is good,”. I was really shocked at what a good test rider he was, and I think hav‑ ing his own team riding for him is THE best situation in the world. Because I think it’s made him kind of open his eyes to the other side, and now he gets it. I think he likes it and also that he’s really proud of what he’s doing, it’s like he’s not racing for ‘The Man’. He IS the man (laughs). So he’s not racing for THEM, (smil‑ ing) he’s racing for himself. He’s got this brand Two Two Motorsports, and he wants to grow it. He wants it to sur‑ vive and he’s told me that he wants it to be around when he’s done, so that he can have kids ride for him, and he wants to be involved in it because he loves moto‑ cross. So how can you say that’s a bad thing, when he took a pay cut, gambled on his own, got some free bikes, bought stuff from us, and went out and raced the facto‑ ries? I mean, seriously, that’s gnarly. So hat’s off to Chad! Mitch is a hands on guy. Always moving. Always very fast. a lot of respect for Roger (DeCoster) so if I use Roger as my pace car, Roger is 66, “Chad is... Chad is Chad. Chad’s a funny bird.” DI: How long has Pro Circuit been in business? Mitch: Since 1978 so about 34 years, so I should probably retire. I’d like to retire, I’m tired. But no, I love what I do. I figure it like this, I have right? I’m 51, so I’ve got ‘til 66. If Roger can make it to 67 and not retire, then I’ve got that far to go. And if Rog‑ er can make it to 72, then, I don’t think I want to do that anyway (laughs).