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load your Teryx you will be glad to know it will fit into a stan‑ dard pickup truck bed. Extras for the LE SGE Model What helps set the LE SGE model apart, from a base Teryx, are the added accessories that come as standard features on this model. Leading the list is a cus‑ tom-order film-overlay graphic scheme in two different color variations, including metallic green and metallic silver. We opted for the silver me‑ tallic version. Very sharp look‑ ing, with a nice flame outline that gives the Teryx a more pronounced and aggressive look. The flames are imprinted using a high-quality polyure‑ thane paint that helps them stand out even more. Another standard feature on this model is the half wind‑ screen mounted in front of the passenger and driver. This helps keep mud splash, wind, rain, and dust from skewering the view of the oc‑ cupants. Other extra features on the LE SGE version include its rigid sun top roof, for added protection from the elements, and a nifty retractable dual cup holder. Teryx 750 FI 4x4 LE SGE Ride Review While we had a wide assort‑ ment of test drivers give the Teryx LE SGE a spin, we wanted to see how non RUV driving operators reacted to its com‑ bination of work and play fea‑ tures. Here is a representative profile and review, of what one of these first time RUV drivers, thought of the machine. Driver Profile Driver: Scott Critchfield Age: 47 Height/Weight: 6’ 0”/175 lbs. Skill Level/Class: Senior In‑ termediate Years of off-road experi- ence: 42 Past racing experience: Mo‑ tocross, Desert, Grand Prix, Enduro Other off-road experience: Dual sport adventure tour‑ ing, adventure-oriented four- wheel-drive. Side-By-Side experience: Extremely limited Machine driven: 2012 Kawa‑ saki Teryx 750 FI 4x4 LE SGE Terrain: Open Desert “In stock form, the Teryx performs well in the open des‑ ert. The suspension is decent Suspension action and travel is good on the Teryx with a wid e range of adjustments. The side nets on the Teryx do a good job of keeping body parts inside the Teryx.