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wise decision to use low range in a couple of trail sections, but the Teryx did the job in high with no trouble to speak of. Use of fully-locking differentials was not an imperative, but it was comforting to know that this option was available.” “The constantly-variable transmission was predictable in the rocky climbs and descents, though I could hear a bit of CVT belt slip from time to time. This may be more a matter of this old dog learning new tricks, than a fault with the vehicle. Since the Teryx power is not snappy and comes on softer, this turned out to be a hidden blessing in the rocky terrain, and the low-end torque exceed‑ ed my expectations.” Scott’s Overall Summary “Despite my limited experi‑ ence with side-by-sides, and my technical nit-picking aside, the Teryx was a lot of fun; the fun factor was best illustrated by the fact that my co-driver and wife, Lisa, was giggling like an over-caffeinated preschooler throughout the entire day. “ “Developing a reasonably- priced, off-road jack-of-all trades, is a tall order for any manufacturer. Unless the ve‑ hicle is specifically set up for a specific application, there will always be shortcomings in one area or another. That being said, the overall performance, ease of operation, and utilitar‑ ian features of the Teryx make for a remarkably well-balanced off-road vehicle.” OUR CONCLUSIONS Like Scott, we thought the Kawasaki Teryx 750 FI 4x4 LE SGE edition has the right combination of ease-of-use, simplicity of layout, and rug‑ ged durability and performance that make it a good choice for UTVers looking for a good all- around side by side vehicle. The addition of a half wind‑ screen, a plastic roof on top, and the snazzy-looking flame decal set, help sweeten the deal even more. With a 750cc V-twin, fuel injected engine, it has more than enough gusto to get you and a good friend, wherever you need to go. Supple suspension, with 7.5 inches of travel fore and aft, offers up a smooth ride, at all but extreme sport riding applica‑ tions. There is a locking front dif‑ ferential for climbing up and over trail obstacles, and enough room in the cockpit to make The bucket seats are comfy but lack adjustment. The Teryx floorboards are serrated and angled. They offer good grip and a solid footing when driving the vehicle.