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Lyle Lovett Narrating John Penton story This styling Rickman BSA 250 racer was on display at the Mid America Vin- tage Motorcycle Auction at the South Point hotel in Las Vegas. Look for a story on our visit to one of the best Vintage motorcycle shows in America in the next issue of DIRT ILL. Mid-America Antique Motorcycle Auction We were able to attend the 2013 Mid America Antique Mo- torcycle Auction, and indoor concrete flat track races, at the South Point Hotel in Las Vegas recently. The country’s premier an- tique motorcycle auction, two more auctions are scheduled for April 26-27 in St. Paul, Minneso- ta and May 17-18 in Newburgh, New York. If you get a chance, don’t miss them as they are a great way to see some of the finest examples of restored an- tique motorcycles in the world. With over 577 vehicles on display, the annual Las Vegas event (Jan. 10-11) is one of the largest. Prices range from an as- tounding $120,000 to even more for some of these rare examples of cycling art forms. Stay tuned for an up close view of some of the bikes and collector items in the next issue of DIRT ILLustrated. DIRT ILLustrated \\\\\\ Vol. 1 + Issue 5 + Page 34 The 60-day “crowd-sourcing” pledge campaign to fund the production of a film about motor- cycle off-road and innovation pio- neer John Penton ended success- fully with $160,315.50 raised, eclipsing the goal of $150,000. “We are so thankful to all the companies and individuals who believe in this project and made it happen,” said Todd Huffman, the films’ Producer and Director at Pipeline Digital Media. John Penton’s story is all about American family, competi- tion, ingenuity and entrepreneur- ship. John developed his own Penton motorcycle brand in the late 60’s. Manufactured by KTM in Austria, the Penton brand became an international championship brand in Off-road and MX, before being taken over in 1978 by KTM. The film, to be narrated by Grammy Winner, Lyle Lovett, will begin production in early 2013. Expect to see the final film by Spring 2014. We can hardly wait.