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FRIENDS Bible Bob and Steve Wise Ken Ferguson “Bible” Bob Nielsen (left) and Steve Wise are devoted Christians who practice what they preach. Bob is a dedicated dirt bike rider / video editor. Steve Wise earns his keep with a Christian ministry in South Texas. Steve Wise Is a noted Texas mx racer who’s career that spanned Supermoto, flat track and road racing events. Ken Ferguson is probably one of the most prolific post- ers on the Facebook scene. His collection of humorous and thought provoking posts always manage to get a chuckle or re- flective moment from his many Facebook friends online. Mimi Selly You’d be hard pressed to find a more dedicated off- road rider than Mimi. Exploring trails and canyons in So. Calif. aboard her cherished Husky. An outdoor gal with a real pen- chant for bikes and bass fish- ing, Mimi also has been seen racing Vintage MX events and can be found out scrapping with the boys on a regular basis. Ken is a retired stuntman who has many a colorful story to tell about his antics over the many years performing a host of stunts for famous Hollywood celebrities. Keep up the good work with your Facebook posts Ken, we’ll continue to share (steal) them everytime we see ones we like.