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TO ME Roger DeCoster and Ribi Forks Roger DeCoster contested the 1979 FIM 500cc World Championship on a works RN465-79 Suzuki equipped with the unique Ribi front forks which incorporated the prin- ciples of both Leading and Trailing Axle front forks. The result was a sturdy, long travel fork assembly that provided the same dive geometry as conven- tional telescopic forks, with the excellent damping characteris- tics of Ohlins piggyback deCar- bon shocks. When Roger moved to Hon- da in 1980 he raced with an even more radical Ribi single shock design fork with the monoshock mounted up high by the triple clamps. But the entire system was just too ex- pensive, maintenance intensive and heavy, and was soon out performed by larger diameter telescopic forks which didn’t flex as much and utilized more sophisticated shock absorber style damping. -Jim “The Greek” Gianatsis © 2012 Jim Gianatsis. All Rights Reserved.