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it performs this task. It can easily dart from side to side, without any over steering ef- fect. And feels light and nimble at speed. It doesn’t push in the turns, and you can use some of that extra power to break the back end loose, and steer it that way. The front end stays plant- ed and responds immediately when power is applied. We love the styling approach on the newest Can Am’s. Sleek, racy, and with a unique look all its own. Even the recessed headlights are trick. 50” Trail Rule Can-Am specifically did not built the new Maverick to fit into the established 50” trail rule that a lot of ride areas en- force for UTV designs. They know that perfor- mance buffs will tend to not ride in these areas, and that straight line handling and agil- ity are bigger requirements for these uses. This machine isn’t specifically targeted at hardcore trail enthusiasts, so the type of trails it is happiest on, will not have the 50” width restriction.