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Larry Langley (far left), Eric Lee, and Dennis “Ketchup” Cox pose for a German tourist who quickly snapped this pic of them for the story. He just as quickly disappeared into Yosemite park aboard his BMW street cruiser. Park. Put the side stand down, and stand on it to dismount. Sad, but necessary. Riding The XR650 Through Yosemite Since the majority of the roads we were on, were paved, riding the big Honda on the tight corners and quick switchbacks was mounds of fun. Plenty of power on tap for that. Also, the chassis is race proven, and its handling manners are first rate, though it does have issues with an overly high center of gravity for extended tight trail use. Carving a tight line around a trail is still quite good, and the machine responds well in most off road riding situations. On the pavement, it sticks like glue. The suspension is quite re- sponsive, and very easy to DIRT ILLustrated \\\\\\ Vol. 1 + Issue 5 + Page 70