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Mike Alessi (#800) likes to position himself right next to the gate to anticipate the start and give him a bit more room to maneuver. Seems to work pretty well for him. Especially this time. Zoom in close (click the photo) to the feet of the riders on the gate to check the rider’s foot positions as they have just crossed the gate. Checking to see who had their feet level and moving up to the pegs. Again zoom very close. But this time line up to the rider’s eyes. Their focus should be up and toward the first turn. Riders with the correct eye focus who also had the correct foot position were; 241, 50 and 800. * Note: Be careful to make sure you don’t shift your upper body weight back as you change your eye focus forward. If you do, you will wheelie high and have to shut the throttle or slip the clutch to maintain control.