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seconds of Ryan Dungey, and do it for 35 minutes, twice in one day. Now figure that puts you 42 seconds behind at the end of a 12 lap race. That’s top 10 and likely top 5 at a National. That’s big time factory negotiation if you do it a bunch of times in a season. But, and I’m going to yell here, “THAT ONLY WORKS IF YOU GET THE HOLESHOT”. If you get a bad start, you are not capable of match- ing that pace from the back of the pack. You’ve lost 30 stinkin’ sec- onds in the first two laps. You can’t make up that ground. Practice Perfection... You better practice starts and you better practice what to do af- ter you get the holeshot. You better make your BRAIN comfortable to ride near the front of the pack of the fastest guys in the world even if “FAST REFLEXES ARE BUT ONE SMALL PART OF A DIRT ILLustrated \\\\\\ Vol. 1 + Issue 5 + Page 82