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We also liked the quiet ex- haust note on this bike, as this is a machine that will not emit an offensive sounding, land- shutting-down, sound. The quiet muffler is also equipped with a USFS approved spark arrester, allowing the KLX140 L access to all designated and le- gal public off-road riding areas. Sweet. Carb Loading In another nod to Kawasaki detailing, the Keihin carburetor, on the KLX 140 L also features several modifications, making it more rough-terrain friendly. Partitions in the float cham- ber help to keep the fuel from sloshing around excessively, and an umbrella around the main jet helps trap fuel when jumping. It also comes with dual air vents, which help elimi- nate throttle hesitation, even when the bike is laid over at ex- treme lean angles. Kawasaki has also equipped the KLX 140 with a progressive manual clutch. It uses a spring damper to give it a 2-stage engagement range that allows for half use of the clutch for easier overall use. Progressive Manual Clutch The manual clutch on the KLX 140 L does offer younger charges an opportunity to learn how to master manual clutch engagement and gear shifting rather easily. It uses a spring Check out that clean design and fresh look on the muffler and side panels on the KLX. Sweet.