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WE ARE of characters, who give mean- ing to the word character. I enjoy an extensive list of industry insider contacts, a vir- tual ‘who’s who’ of the sport. Everyone from the top teams, individuals, and sports enthusi- asts who make the dirt all that more enjoyable. Our list of contacts includes company CEO’s, factory presi- dents, industry insiders, occa- sional goof-offs, and the most important person of all. You. The regular “Joes”. In a nutshell, that is who we report to first -the average Joe. Nutshell In A Career… I started out a lowly ass editor for Motocross Action Magazine. Back when Dirt Miller was the original editor and Jody Weisel was a young upstart from all places - Austin, Texas. Funny thing. So was I. Jody and I worked at MXA for around 7-8 years, for 8 years before moving up to run rival mag at same company called MOTOcross magazine. A rival (from same publisher) to Motocross Action. I was assigned to be lead editor for Dirt Wheels in 1987. I helped to guide and direct it to number one position in the in- dustry, where it remained during my 22 years of stewardship as Senior Editor of the magazine. Dirt Illustrated DIRT ILLustrated will com- bine the latest web based tech- nologies to offer our readers state-of-the-art information on a “real-time” basis. We will cover everything dirt. We will embrace the entire spectrum of off road use. Dirt bikes, ATVs, UTVs, off-road golf carts? Well, maybe NOT the off-road golf cart thing. But we can promise you that if it rolls on dirt, we’re there. Look for DIRT ILLustrated to give all like-minded off-roaders an honest point-of-view, down- to-earth, real life advice on this incredibly complex, yet simple subject. We will utilize the lat- est technologies in both video and still photography presenta- tions on our next gen web site. Our web site will not be a half-hearted attempt to capital- ize on a new technology, but will be cutting edge, and full of vibrant and articulate views of the wide range of off-road op- portunities that exist in the off- road world. As the lead editor of this “next generation” online digi- tized magazine, I make this solemn pledge. I will plan, pro- duce and spend every waking hour and minute making sure we have the most current, fun- to-read, occasionally witty, in- formative magazine possible for our industry. Look to us for your latest, up-to-date, ultra-hip, some- times funny, almost always sarcastic, occasionally witty, and round about knowledgeable source for all things dirt. -Dennis “Ketchup” Cox