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MoHawk DragonFire RZR Fixes Down System tie-down process and while trans- porting your off-road machine. After cinching the load tight, the loose end of the strap stores safely inside the zippered pouch. No more loose straps, whacking against your valuable equipment. Sold in Pairs $14.95. (A heavy duty model with a 1300 lbs. breaking strength are also available at our website.) Give them a look see at: New Navigator Bars & “Shal- low” Steering Wheels for Polaris RZR. The new “Navigator Bar” was added to DragonFire’s up- dated quick-release steering wheel kit just in time to chart a new course this spring. “We have been pioneering quick-release steering wheels for a few years now, but we have made yet another breakthrough with our ‘Shallow’ wheel,” says DragonFire marketing man Chris Moore. “Our round suede steer- ing wheel has been really popu- lar, but the offset was a little too aggressive for taller drivers.” DragonFire now offers the same steering wheel featuring all the benefits, including the high-tac- tile suede wrap, wheel indicator stripe, 6-lug bolt pattern and bil- let quick-release hub, but with a 2-inch shallower offset. The new Navigator bars are just the thing to keep co-drivers in their place! “Inspired by the motocross industry, our Naviga- tor Bar kits make the ride much more comfortable when you are sitting shotgun,” adds Moore. “They have a much firmer ‘locked in place’ feel than the stock grab bars that rattle loose- ly in place, plus we have added a pro-style crossbar pad and top quality ProGrip grips imported from Italy.” For more info go to: or call 888-566-5950