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FRIENDS Broc Glover Pat Alexander and Joe Columbero Pat Alexander is one of the last of the old guard left at American Suzuki. Pat has worked there since the early 70’s, first as a factory mechanic and now as a Team Manager. Joe Colombero, also worked at Suzuki as their ATV P.R. guy. These guys had a unique view of some of the most important moments in MX history at that company. There is probably no more famous a moto line than….”Let Brock Bye,” the infamous black- board scrawl that signaled Bob Hannah to move over and “Let Broc Bye,” at the Texas 125 mo- tocross National back in 1977. Good sport that he is, Broc posed for this shot with his kids at a tour of the Nellis AFB. Be- sides his duties as a Dunlop tire rep, he also hosts the Bike Week Radio Show. Located on San Diego’s AM radio station 1090, it plays host to a wide variety of on and off road rac- ers and personalities that Broc interviews each week. Tim “Lumpy” Tolleson Tim Tolleson, is an old school moto journalist work- ing at ATV Action magazine and like his hat says, “Real Men use Duct Tape”. Real man that he his, Tim has used many a roll of duct tape. Lump is a dedicated off roader, with a unique style and vision. “Friend” him on Facebook today.