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FRIENDS Scott Cox and Tom Moen Brian Myerscough Scott Cox (left) operates Resmarket, Inc., which does marketing for a variety of off-road companies. Scott also is the producer for the Bike Week Radio Show ( Tom Moen, heads up Media relations at KTM North America, and has been instrumental in helping make the KTM logo more familiar. Brian Myerscough was a top moto jockey for Suzuki back in the late 1970’s after win- ning the World Mini Grand Prix Championship twice. Always known for his unique, “never out of shape” riding style and smoothness on the track. Brian raced for Team Suzuki in the 125 Nationals, winning the old Hangtown MX National in 1979 and the Saddleback 125 Nation- al in 1980. But Brian’s promis- ing career got sidetracked by hypoglycemia, or low blood sugar, which derailed his racing efforts. A tip of the DIRT ILL vi- sor to Brian for giving it his all. Armando Carrasco Armando runs “Too Much Fun” Promotions out of Mexi- cali, Mexico and has been a regular supporter of the Baja Race scene and various off road adventures down Baja way for years. Armando proudly lives up to his “Too Much Fun” moni- ker. He is always looking for ways to increase the fun factor at any event he promotes.