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Gary Jones stands alongside his brother Dwayne Jones #88 race bike when they raced for Yamaha and helped develop the first YZ’s. The Jones desert hideaway has all man- ner of treasures for discovering. Gary show their mom an early thumper that he and his dad, Don Jones, used to work on. Uncovering a relic from the past, Gary Jones examines his Can-Am dirt bike, which he also rode to a National Cham- pionship. Little known fact. Gary and Dwayne’s mom, Melinda-in the back- ground, used to hand sew the boys jerseys. BSA Gold Star Catalina which the Jones raced back in the 1960s. The BSA was stored in the back of an ocean shipping container on the property which we had to unload which contained all of DIRT ILLustrated \\\\\\ April 2013 + Page 38 Gary’s National and Trans AM bikes from Yamaha, Honda, Can- Am, Amex and Maico. And scattered everywhere around the Jones property were dozens and dozens of classic old bikes from the 1960s and 70s in- cluding Maicos, Husqvarnas, Bul- tacos, and even a like new AJs 370 Stormer. Also parked in the yard was the big old motorhome the family used to travel to all the National and Trans AM moto- cross races across America dur- ing those years. Don Jones was deeply in- volved in the original testing and development of the first factory motocross bikes from both Ya- maha and Honda. His innova- tions included the first applica- tion of a reed valve on a 2-stroke motocross bikes, to multiple cylinder porting on the factory Honda CR bikes that was patent- ed and carried into production. Gary and DeWayne Jones, and their mom Rose are still the nicest people ever, from the days I hung with them on the national motocross circuit back in the early 1970s - 40 years ago when I was the motocross editor at Cycle News. It was a pretty great day. Thanks Craig for letting me join you! -Jim “The Greek” Gianatsis